Мясной Крюк — НИП — World of Warcraft

Комментарий от Oblivion537.

why you stop moving sounds like something he’d say when he kills someone (or possibly by casting chains dont think so though.

Комментарий от Icecoldcoke.

He also has a spell cast that interrupts casting when in melee range every few seconds, not sure of the name.

Комментарий от ferdinand.

Is he a deformed larger-than normal abomination? or just a regular one because it doesn’t say Same model as. . Or has wowhead not updated the models from WotLK.

Комментарий от Drenvion.

Dota anyone? There is an Abomination in Dota that uses a meethook.

Комментарий от Mecantar.

Every Abomination in WC3 games have meathooks, numbnuts, Check your info before you post.

Комментарий от XargenTelNada.

Puhleeeease tell me he has 2 hooks for hands. Monkey Island refrence anyone? (Probably not, but it’d be nice if it was =p.

Комментарий от syllabear.

could be refering to pudge from DoTA (a map in wc3) he has a ability with that very name.

Комментарий от Soulpurifier.

Was thinking the same thing Sylla about your name :). But yes, seems like a clear reference to Pudge in DoTA.

Комментарий от Atuan.

Has everyone seen the Strand of the Ancients PvP achievment? Defense of the Ancients. -snicker.

Комментарий от syllabear.

yeah, good point Wowgeek. but considering blizzy’s sence of humor i still think they are referring to pudge.

Комментарий от D4NK.

A meat hook is just something an abomination walks around with in warcraft 3. Aboms in war3 have two attack animations, one where they use their meat hook and one where they use a large axe wielded by their other hand.

Indeed, a hero in the custom warcraft 3 map DotA (Defense of the Ancients) does have a skill named meat hook, but chances are they were just taking a nod from the weapons an abomination uses in warcraft 3.

I would agree about your dota theory, however there are approximately 0 other dota referrences in WoW.

However if he meat hooks over your healer and starts chowing down on him and then the ahh, fresh meat soundclip plays, i will tip my hat to you sir.

Комментарий от flameboy6184.

Not sure if it’s true or not, but appears to be. We just went in with a 4 melee group with 1 healer and he repeatedly and only cast the chains on the healer leading to a wipe. It appears that the chain debuff targets the furthest person from him, at least in Heroic mode.

Комментарий от Kastaje.

Prepare for this guy on heroic, he hits like a truck. He was hitting our tank for around 7-8k per hit and his stun ticks for 1800 every sec which adds up to 9k after the whole duration. мясной тартар Tank and spank really. Chains seem to be random.

Комментарий от SyntaxTerror.

Should be noted that you can use Hand of Protection to counter the chains.

Комментарий от IGotSoul.

The chains never target melee in this fight. As a rogue i have done this multiple times and havent got chained once. I have also ran with a dps war and an enh sham and they never got it either.

Комментарий от Shanoga.

Tonight we ran Old Strat on Heroic . Our group consisted of the following.

1 Prot Warrior 2 Death Knights 1 Ret Paladin 1 Holy Paladin.

When the three DPS stayed in melee along with the tank, the Holy Paladin was hit with the Constricting Chains every time without fail. After 2 attempts with this same problem, we had the Ret Paladin stay out of melee range to see if he could absorb chains. He stood behind the Holy Paladin and (coincidentally) absorbed 3 of the 4 chains. I can confirm that the chains do not always hit the target furthest from Meathook, but they will only hit targets that are outside of his Disease Expulsion . If you attempt this with only melee DPS, have one of the the hybrid classes stay out and prepare to off-heal should the main healer get chained. This will also allow this other party member to absorb chains. Once we kept the Ret Paladin outside with Holy Paladin, we had zero problems. I hope this information helps.

EDIT:. Please note this was on Heroic mode. I do not know if the same information applies for regular.

Комментарий от KotShadowsong.

A good stratagy on this boss is to have the tank bring him to a nearby corner or bend. All he/she has to do is block Meathook’s LOS to the healer, but stand where they can get healed. This way, the healer will not be targeted by his chains, making this a pretty simple fight, and lessening the healer and tank’s pressure when he stuns.

Комментарий от asloversgo.

Meathook is actually encountered in the Scourge campaign of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.

Комментарий от u13erfitz.

Meathook chains random people outside of melee range but it uses line of sight so you can use building as line of sight break. Keeping tank and melee in line of sight healer and ranged and healer out of line of sight.

Комментарий от Maoam.

This guy is the hardest boss in the instance (hc) in my opinion.

my stats were: (DK) 24200 armor 530 defense.

45-50% avoidance (parry/dodge.

and he was hitting me for up to 4-9k normal hits, which is quite a beating considering the healer can be CC’ed at any time, or interupted if they stand too close.

mind you, the tactic we used was basically to zerg-nuke him as fast as possible, from tanks POV at least.

Комментарий от gusafy.

Lightwell loosens the pressure on this boss greatly. All you gotta do is to convince the partymembers that the Lightwell wont harm you.

Комментарий от cali59.

I did this guy tonight as a resto shaman on heroic. крюк мясной The group consisted of prot warrior, dps warrior, death knight and ret paladin.

First attempt I stood outside the disease explosion and got chained near continuously (being the only person outside melee range.

The second attempt I tried to stay in the disease explosion and spam chain heal. I was silenced near continuously.

On the third attempt I stood in the disease explosion and waited for it to go off, then cast a heal. He casts it so frequently I didn’t even have time to resolve a 2.5 second cast Chain Heal between pulses (though with lag/animation display not being synced, I’m not sure that this is strictly true). I stuck to casting nothing but Lesser Healing Wave, Riptide and Earth Shield and we were able to kill him on that attempt.

After the instance, we commented that Meathook should have been the final boss. крюк для мяса All of the other encounters seemed trivial by comparison, especially Mal’ganis.

Комментарий от ipwnpros.

Game plan That area of the instance has many corners of buildings. We used that to our advantage.

Most spells have a line of sight so place the tank on the corner of a building, Meathook on one side of the building, healer on the other. DPS will need to stay in front of the boss to get heals, so we just had everyone stack on the tank.

We tried again with ranged later and found it was better if the ranged got chained rather than silenced.

Our healer never got chains, so maybe something to consider if your having trouble. positioning is hard, i would recommend finding a good place to tank/heal first then pull him to that location after you have checked your LoS.

Комментарий от DanDan.

The biggest challenge of the Heroic 25 minute run is this guy, as improper tactics could mean your healer can’t heal. It is very difficult to do the timed run with even one wipe.

Комментарий от keankong.

Is this the very same Meathook from DotA? Oh Pudge, I love you so.

Комментарий от NonsenseGibber.

Just figured him out.

Of the people OOR of Disease Expulsion he will hit the further away with Constricting Chains. But, he will only hit the same person 3 times.

We had a rogue stand behind the healer. Hit the rogue three times then hit the healer.

Комментарий от pentose.

This theory is incorrect. Fought Meathook today and took the chain every time as DPS, anywhere from 2nd to 4th on the threat meter.

Комментарий от pentose.

This theory is incorrect. Fought Meathook today and took the chain every time as DPS, anywhere from 2nd to 4th on the threat meter.

Комментарий от Draol.

Комментарий от vipul.

Yeah, but who cares if the DPS gets chained, BFD if you don’t top the damage meter.

The tank can still get heals, and the healer can heal you through the chains.

Комментарий от Discohorror.

Blizzard get their names from a million places, but I really can’t help thinking Meathook from Monkey Island. Silly me.

Комментарий от MalakaiDemonia.

I just ran this with a Pally as tank, me (Mage) warrior, and dk as dps and priest healer. we did the corner trick but it was weird. I was standing close to be in the AoE graphic but not take damage and he didn’t use chains once on anyone. Anyone can confirm this.

Комментарий от Nazurog25.

I think its ironic that if he was sewn from grown men, and ends up talking like a 3-year-old, i think its messed up.

Комментарий от Epitaph.

Meathook is soloable at 80 as a well-geared protadin.

Комментарий от undeadmoo.

This is the one comment that makes any sense in these comments. Healers beware: if you are asked to heal a group with only melee you WILL be blamed for the subsequent wipes. The chains are spread out randomly among the people outside of the green aoe range. The more people at ranged the better chance you have.

Confirming this. Ran this place not an hour ago for the first time, and after three wipes on Meathook because my Healadin ass spent almost the entire fight stunned, everyone left.

Nevermind that I suggested either: 1) Having someone hang out at range with me, or 2) Fighting him at a corner a la Ebonroc or whichever drake that was in BWL to avoid LoS.

No, it’s a healer problem, as always, not a listen to me for one damn minute problem. =P.

Комментарий от Spicebringer.

I think this boss is most likely a reference, or just a copy of the hero in the custom made game DotA in WC3 TFT; Pudge.

Let me explain: Meathook = Name, but also an ability Pudge has. Constricting Chains = Pudge has an ability doing exactly the same. Disease Expulsion: Similar to Rot , ability Pudge has. Only diffirence is the name, it doesn’t interupt but slow, and it damages pudge himeself.

Комментарий от sebelas.

damn wish i read this part before entering COS Heroic last night haha. I have done this some months ago on heroic but was carried by some experienced players who know this theory 🙂 have done millions of heroics after that one so totally forget that part hehe. After 2 wipes cos i was constantly chained the group called me a noob or worse and quit. Maybe i was noobish cos i didnt know what to do lol. Feel a little better now after reading this posts ;P.

Комментарий от Artex.

The voice of Meathook was provided by Dave Mallow. who also provided the voice of Erekem and Xevozz.

Комментарий от Toldry.

Комментарий от POINGjam.

I wonder if he’s afraid of parrots.

Комментарий от Vergilius.

I cannot believe only ONE person drew the parallel to DotA’s Pudge, it’s as clear as day! Pudge’s hook is even called Meathook in DotA.

Комментарий от TehOracle.

Комментарий от MacKotek.

Meathok might be a tribute to the Monkey Island. мясной бутик крюк теплый стан P.

Комментарий от Obahdium.

Just finished this on my L85 hunter. No reputation awarded for defeating him or any other mob in the zone.

Комментарий от masterskaap.

I just discovered that it’s basically impossible to solo him on heroic as a priest, since he almost instantly locks your shadow or holy when you start to cast a spell (either damage or heal), this stops you from healing or dealing any kind of damage to him. This kind of sucks, since without that stupid locks i would’ve easily been able to solo this instance.

Мясной Крюк.

Подсказки и атлас подземелий отражают значения для одной версии сражения. Пожалуйста, ссылайтесь на раздел «Эффекты» на страницах заклинаний, чтобы видеть значения для всех размеров рейдов и сложностей.

Удушающие оковы – Meathook encases a player in chains, inflicting Physical damage every 1 sec. and stunning the target for 5 sec.

Disease Explusion – Meathook belches out a cloud of disease, inflicting Nature damage and interrupting the spell casting of all players within 10 yards for 4 sec.

Бешенство – Meathook goes into a frenzy, increasing Physical damage done by 10% for 30 sec. This effect stacks up to 10 times.

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